Let the Foxx Interiors’ team of talented Staging and Design Professionals serve you!

Shannon Skiscim

Principal Designer

Why work with a Designer?

When you hire an interior design professional you get an immediate plan of action to bring your space to it’s full potential. Whether the project is big or small, we can do it all! Hiring a designer will benefit you financially and will also save you on time. Designers already work in the world of home improvement, so we’re going to have reliable connections that you may need. We can help you easily find an electrician, plumber, contractor, or other related tradesman that you can trust to do quality work. Designers can also get you furniture, fabric, and other materials that are trade-only and not accessible to everyone else. This will give you the upper hand to everyone who goes to the same big-box store for their decor needs. People notice a well-designed home and when the project is done, not only will your home look beautiful and cohesive, but it’ll be well thought out and highly functional for your needs.


Why invest in Staging?

Staging sets the scene for a successful home sale! A stager doesn’t just bring in furniture, they give advice on cleaning, repairs, updates, and other tips and suggestions homeowners may not think about prior to selling. Staged homes appeal more to buyers by giving them a feel for the space. This allows them to visually see how big a room is, furniture placement they may not have thought of, and overall flow of the space. Vacant properties can look empty, cold, and have no personality. Staging gives life to a home and all the possibilities it can be.They show better, are considered more turn-key, and are viewed as well-maintained. Great staging can highlight architectural features, give purpose to unused areas, and bring the wow factor.It’s proven that a staged home sells faster and for more!