Ballantyne Home Staging Services

As a licensed realtor, I cannot recommend Ballantyne home staging services enough! Staged homes, on average, not only sell faster but have added value. Professional home staging services in Ballantyne NC prepares your home for the market and is sure to leave a lasting impression on prospective buyers.

Interior Decorating v. Home Staging

What’s the difference between interior decorating and Ballantyne home staging services? The two are interchanged often but have very different meanings and end goals.

Interior decorating is designed with the client in mind and based on the needs and likes of the client. Interior decorating brings a vision to life in accordance with personal preferences and style.

Home staging services in Ballantyne NC, essentially, depersonalizes a space. Done typically for home listings and getaway rental listings, Ballantyne home staging services creates a ‘model home’ feel, making the perfect space for people to see themselves in.

When getting a home ready for the market, small details make a big difference. With home staging services in Ballantyne NC, drab rooms are transformed into airy, bright, inviting spaces. When working with professional Ballantyne home staging services, design specialists are able to help you clear the clutter, arrange rooms to optimize space, and add finishing touches to add to the appeal of your home.

Not just for luxury or larger homes, home staging services in Ballantyne NC is ideal for all homes on the market. With an interior design eye, Foxx Interiors can maximize the space that buyers will undoubtedly find to be attractive.

To learn more about Foxx Interiors and our Ballantyne home staging services, reach out by using the convenient contact form located on the site. Vacant or occupied, we look forward to helping you get your home ready for the market!